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Psychic Readings
with Atena Komar - de Jong

Psychic Readings with Atena


A psychic reading with Atena offers you positive, useful, real-life insight into the actual events that are affecting your life right now.

There is nothing spooky about a reading with Atena, you will receive honest, down-to-earth and empowering insight. Atena will never require you to perform rituals or spells in order to remedy any situation in your life, nor will she ever pressure you to purchase additional consultations, healings or any other services from her or anyone else. Your reading is all about you and how to attain your goals in your life.

Reading Options
Atena offers genuine, real-life guidance that empowers you to overcome obstacles and create the results you are striving towards in the most happy and harmonious ways possible.

Aura Photography
at Five Sisters by The Falls

Five Sisters... A spiritual journey
8805 SW 132 ST Miami 33176    786-250-4170

>>> New Hours 2 - 7 PM <<<
on the following dates:
on the following dates:
2 - 7 pm

September 23
October 21

2 - 7 pm

October 6
September 29
November 3

"Personal Aura photography Readings with Atena" Find out what your aura looks like and receive a personal consultation with Atena about your aura mean to you. Bring your friends, your kids or your pets even some special objects of which you would like to have the aura of photographed.  Atena's personal interpretation will help you understand what your aura is telling you and offer advice on shifting problem areas if any arise.

... It is like a reading except you get to keep the card!
$27 for 1, or 2 for $50 ($4 off!) (Cash only) if you bring a friend!

Aura Photography at Five Sisters
8805 SW 132 ST Miami 33176    786-250-4170

Atena's art is now available at
The Silver Dragon in Coral Gables

Silver Dragon

82 Merrick Way, Coral Gables

How a Full Reading Works:

Psychic Reading with Atena

Your reading will start with a look at your general life path, we talk about what you have learned in the recent past, where you are now, what are the real issues affecting your life and what lessons you are learning through the difficulties and challenges of the present, also how you can make this path easier and more harmonious.

Then we look into the near future, what your chosen path has in store for you and how you can make adjustments to get the results you are striving for.

Finally we look into your distant future to see the big picture, this usually offers a little more clarity about the events and circumstances you are dealing with now.

After your general life path we can look into specific issues concerning your health, finances, career or work, school or study, love and family relationships. You are free to ask questions about anything you were wondering about in any area of your life.

This is a comprehensive reading that takes several spreads of cards and this can take a little time. It is a good idea if you are having your reading over the phone that you take a notebook to write things down and also bring a list of questions so you don't forget after your reading starts.

How a General Life Path Reading Works:

General Life Path Psychic Reading

If you choose your general life path reading, we briefly look at what the events of the recent past, then we check where you are now and what the ripple effects are that will affect the near future, and how this will affect your distant future. This is a good reading if you are looking for general guidance and not dealing with any serious questions at the moment. This reading will help keep you on track to your desires.

How a 1 Question Reading Works:

Single Question Mini Psychic Reading

This is a great choice if you are just looking for a little guidance in one specific issue. Simply ask your question and Atena will let you know what the cards have in store for you via e-mail or text message.
Reading Options

About Atena:

Atena has received some recognition and awards through her psychic work that has led to many interesting experiences. Atena uses this experience to help her clients through life's circumstances with her psychic consultations. She connects with her spirit guides and elementals of the earth who help us to live in harmony with ourselves and each-other, giving you an insight to achieving this harmony within your own life.

Atena has been a psychic all her life, started practicing professionally at the age of 32. She has been a Certified Reiki Practitioner for over a decade, also practices Rising Star Energy and works in various methods of spiritual practices. She is also an accomplished Paranormal researcher that gives her a unique and down to earth approach to the spiritual.

Did you know you can have your psychic reading in writing via e-mail?

Order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and enjoy the comfort of having your reading in writing so you can return to it as much as you like.

Individual Full Reading *
(via E-mail or phone by appointment)
We start with a general life path reading then go into individual questions, situations and issues addressing each one in detail. Usually takes 30 to 60 minutes.
$ 50.00

Life Path Reading: 
(via E-mail only) A short reading where we look at your general life path, giving you some insight to what is happening without going deep into specifics.

On line only, 1 question Reading: 
1 question insight via e-mail or text

$ 10.00

Psychic Parties:
(Party organizers must feed the psychic)
Unlimited readings during the party.
Evening or day (3-5hrs)

$ 320.00

Friday Evening Parties must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.

For a reading via telephone, please have your credit card ready and call 305-297-5516

For entertainment purposes only
Visit Atena at MysticalFlorida.com
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