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Psychic Readings
By Atena 

Now available 
via telephone

up to 30 Minutes
for Only $50

Have your credit
card ready & call

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Reiki Training
& Certification

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I picked out some high energy songs to share with you...

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Inspiring Books and other prosperity tools.

Build your
psychic abilities
with Atena's

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Meet Your Personal Fairy Guide

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Discount on Distance Energy Session

Receive or send distance reiki or Rising Star energy to help bring harmony to yourself, a dear one or any situation.


Atena's Art is
Featured in
Faerie Magazine

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& Workshops
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Natural Crystal
Jewelry, Lovingly handcrafted by Atena

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Adopt your magical friend today!

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Gift Baskets
by Atena

Custom tailored, uniquely personal gift for a special person

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Psychic Fairy Readings
with Atena Komar

For a reading anytime via telephone, please have your credit card ready & call 305-297-5516

Psychic Readings by AtenaAtena's spiritual connection to the joyful fairies provides a positive and enlightening psychic consultation that helps guide you towards more joy and prosperity through empowering assistance and powerful insight.  A reading with Atena offers you positive, useful, real-life insight into the real events that are affecting you now.

Your reading will start with a look at your general life path, we talk about what you have learned in the recent past, where you are now, what are the real issues affecting your life and what lessons you are learning through the difficulties and challenges of the present and how you can make this path easier and more harmonious. Then we look into the near future, what your chosen path has in store for you and finally we look into your distant future to see the big picture, this usually offers a little more clarity about the events and circumstances you are dealing with now.

After your general life path we can look into specific issues concerning your health, finances, career or work, school or study, love and family relationships. You are free to ask questions about anything you were wondering about in any area of your life.
Atena’s spiritual work has led her through many paths and she uses this experience to help her clients though these psychic consultations. She connects with her spirit guides and elementals of this earth that want us to live in harmony with ourselves, giving you an insight to your achieving this harmony within your own life. Atena has been a Certified Reiki Practitioner for nearly a decade, also practices Rising Star Energy and works in various methods of spiritual practices. She is also an accomplished Paranormal researcher that gives her a unique and down to earth approach to the spiritual. There is nothing spooky about a reading with Atena, you will receive honest, down-to-earth and empowering insight about the real issues that are affecting your life now...

30 Minute Individual Reading $50.00
Via phone or e-mail

If you cannot wait, order online now:

Individual Reading *
(via phone, e-mail or by appointment)
$ 50.00 

Online only offer: 
1 question insight via e-mail or text
$ 10.00 

(Party organizers must feed the psychic) 
$ 320.00 /evening or day (4-6hrs)
Unlimited readings during the party.

Friday Evening Parties must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.

For a reading via telephone, please have your credit card ready and call 305-297-5516

Join Atena for a ghost tour at the Haunted Deering Estate with The League of Paranormal Investigators Deering Estate Ghost Tours


See a complete Callendar of Events on the LPI Facebook Events Page.

Aura Photography at Five Sisters
by The Falls
Five Sisters... A spiritual journey
8805 SW 132 ST Miami 33176    786-250-4170


Saturdays 1pm-5pm on the following dates:

January 18
February --
March 15
April 19
May 17

June 21
July 19
August 16
September 20
October 18
November –
December 20

"Personal Aura photography Sessions with Atena Komar"

Find out what your aura looks like and receive a personal consultation with Atena Komar about what the colors mean to you. Bring your friends, your kids or your pets even some special objects of which you would like to have the aura of photographed. 

Atena's personal interpretation will help you understand what your aura is telling you and offer advice on shifting problem areas if any arise.

... It is like a reading except you get to keep the card! 

$27 for 1, bring a friend $2.00 off each (or use the discount to get a "before and after" shot if you are taking any of  the day's classes to see how your energy has transformed).

Five Sisters... A spiritual journey
8805 SW 132 ST Miami 33176    786-250-4170
Mon. -Thursday 11- 6 pm     Fri. & Sat. 11- 9 pm     Sunday 12-5 pm

Psychic Consultation & Aura Photography
at Celestial Treasures
in Coconut Grove

3444 Main Highway, Store #3, Coconut Grove, FL

Special events only
Check back again for next date.

Appointments available or just walk in

15 minute reading $25
25 minute reading $38
45 minute reading $55

Aura Photography $27 per photo
includes personal interpretation with Atena.

Find out what your aura looks like and receive a personal consultation with Atena Komar about what the colors mean to you. Bring your friends, your kids or your pets even some special objects that you would like to have the aura of photographed. It is like a reading except you get to keep the card!

3444 Main Highway, store # 3, Coconut Grove, FL

Raising Star Healing System

rising star healing

The Rising Star Healing System is probably the most complementary healing system on the planet at this time. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the field around every living thing. A single session of rising star can help clear years of Karma and "soul clutter".

The Rising Star Healing System is so simple and yet so powerful.

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Now on sale for only $80.00 per session (regular $128)
For long distance sessions.

Get yours now!

Reiki Certification in Miami

All Reiki Training workshops and classes are available either in a group of private setting. Please E-mail, call 305-297-5516 or click buy now to register online.

Accelerated Reiki Training $437.50


Let Atena take you on a virtual tour of her Jeweled Garden...

Now available as a download for only $19.95

Understand how to gage & shift your energy
to achieve powerful results & attain your goals without struggle.

Your download includes the complete workshop in PDF format and a bonus guided mediation MP3 to help you shift right away.

Also as a special gift, you will receive the Shifting Gears "Cheat Sheet" that will help you stay in the right gear.

But the journey doesn't stop there, by ordering shifting Gears you will be allowed free access to Atena's group of "Gear Shifters" where you will continue to grow with the help of Atena's personalized coaching and inspiring exercises designed to keep you focused and in the right gear!



View Atena's Latest Jewelry Treasures

Treasures by Atena Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

:: Details :: 

Atena is now available for consulting

After my readings Many people have been asking for actual discussion and consulting about their work, school, love, family, relationships, Etc.

I can now offer this as a service that includes the much more comprehensive insight of a true consultation.

Personal Consultation is now available at $70.00 per hour,
billed in half hour increments

Your consultation can take place over the phone, via e-mail or in person.

Please contact me to schedule your appointment now.

Personal Energy Art

Your Soul and Personal Guides in Spirit communicate clearly with symbols and images.

Through this unique process you can see a real three dimensional depiction of the beautiful messages your soul is sending you.

Give this truly meaningful gift to yourself and other special people in your life.

You can chose from many affordable options including:

Personal Soul Path & Life Path Portrait

Energy Art for Specifically charged to help you achieve your goals

Your individual Spirit or Fairy Guide Portrait

!! Click here to view past portraits and order yours now !!

Use your custom made 
EFT tapping map to finally get there.

Use Atena's EFT map with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to create your life's desires.

:: Find Out More ::

Atena's Inspired Art is now available at:

Celestial Treasures
3444 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, F
305-461-2341 http://celestialtreasuresnetwork.com

Things going bump in the night?

Please contact the League of Paranormal Investigators if you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or office.

The League of Paranormal Investigators hosts two tours, "be your own investigator" and "the Voices From the Past Historic Ghost Tour" at the haunted Deering Estate on the first Thursday of the Month during Season.


Want even more sparkle?

How about 720 crystals....

... yes, you can have it made in any color!

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M.I. Painting One
The Manifest
Original Art by Atena Komar

Original 30x40 acrylic on canvas $650
5x7 Print $45.00

M.I. Painting Two
Spirit of New Orleans
Original Art by Atena Komar

Link to MysticalFlorida.com

Click to visit MysticalFlorida.com

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page to see the above image..

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Sometimes we are confronted with energies that are conflicting to those of our own, for this
reason, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

Come and visit me
and my friends in my
neck of the woods...

Coconut Grove

The latest news from the Coconut Grove

Guided Meditations

by Atena 

are now available online

instant MP3 or 
delivered to your door on CD.

Gift Baskets by Atena
Everything I do, neatly packaged in a basket...

Looking for a custom tailored, uniquely personal gift for a special person?
Perhaps you have no idea what to give?

Why not have a gift basked, full of positive, magick sent to the one who has everything!

Fairy & Mermaid Collection

See one of a kind sculptures of Atena's favorite magickal,
whimsical, enchanting and mesmerizing mystical beings,
hand made by Atena

Jewelry to Energize Your Life

Feel free to browse through my jewelry box.
there might be something of yours here...

Look in to my crystal bowl...
My Crystal Collection
Would you like to look in to my crystal bowl?

Something made just for you...

View my gallery of custom made products

... on Smudging

Due to the recent Report on Channel Seven News, I had a flood of inquiries about smudging which I am grateful for, as I always love to hear from you. However, I am not always available to answer your call, for this reason please visit my ...on smudging page where you will find information about smoke cleansing as well as other purification methods.

...And please, feel free to contact me! 

About Atena

If you just can't get enough... here is a little bit more about me...

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Visit all of Atena's magickal places...
TreasuresByAtena.com : TropicalFairy.com :  AdoptaMagicalFriend.com
For class information or to register, call or e-mail Atena 305-297-5516
If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for classes that are not yet scheduled, please let me know and I will contact you when this class becomes available (no obligation to attend).

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